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Our Company:

     Egoven Hair was found and established in 2009 by  woman named Gloria.

Our goal was to provide consistent better service as well as a high quality virgin hair that are versatile and last forever.

Our Story:

   Egoven hair was found in 2009 by a woman named Gloria. She started as a stylist who was not only talented in hair extension techniques, she created her own line by inventing different ways to install hair extensions for more healthy and natural look. In working with different types of hair and being disappointed by the qualities of hair from china and sometimes India. She decided to channel her way and adventure into Peruvian hair.
Finding out that 99.99% of Peruvian hair are sourced and imported from china making it almost impossible to be the real Peruvian Hair.
 This is not making a lot of sense. Chinese quality is overly shiny, too soft to be a real hair with actual cuticles, tangles after a few washing, also, it could not be so cheap if the seller actually had to source the hair in Peru, ship it to China, weft it, condition it, package it and then reship to the world. Naturally she got curious enough to actually take a decision to visit Peru.
We formed a team and send one of us to Peru; we established a good relationship With the Peruvians and won their willingness to cut their hair in exchange for money. This is How Egoven Hair Was born.

Our Challenges:

       We faced a lot of challenges in the journey to bring you the best. Peru is a poor country with an average income of 1,124.8 soles per month for a house hold which approximately to $340.00 a month, there are cities with no electricity and pip water, Most Peruvian citizens lives in the mountains With limited transportations to most of the Rural areas which is where most Our Donors came from,  There are villages With no Road, Highways or Mobile Transportations.
Most Peruvians does not Speak English While our Team members cannot speak Spanish. It took our teams about 13months to learn how to speak and communicate with them in Spanish.  We sometimes spend days on the road trying to get from one remote village to the next.It was not easy but after all this tribulations and obstacles, we are here today.

Your Contribution To Peru:

      Egoven Hair is the only company that has proved the true source of our product from our videos and pictures. It is now up to you to spend your money wisely. When you purchase Egoven Hair Not only that you are getting the best, 100% no processed virgin Hair, You are also helping us to help this poor country. By getting more paid Donors and employing their women to help us in making our unique Ovon Weft.
Peruvian women love to wear their hair long but due to the poor nature of this country, they have decided to support their family by donating their hair to our company. Is it now your job to make their hair is sold to those who want true quality hair! Let us stop Chinese vendors from using these Women behind their Fake processed hair. Peruvian Women need credit for what their hair is worth, this is why you should shop with Egoven.  We guarantee your satisfaction.

Our Products:

     Egoven Virgin hair extension is the #1 in the world.  Our Signature Ovon Weft is made like no other in the world,   Ovon Weft has no front or back surface. All hair appears to be the same length on both sides and full from the top to the bottom.

 Ovon weft is Very thin and flexible, allowing many folds during install and still feels flat,, appears trackless, yet very strong. This weft is the mark of our products, it is patent in Peru, and USA, and ensures that no one may fake a Chinese chemically processed texture for the real Peruvian virgin hair from Egoven Hair Extensions and Egoven SA Peru. We also upload videos of our activities in Peru, showing how we actively source our hair. Our various travels into the Amazon, the difficulties we encounter, the challenges we face, and where possible, we also video the actual harvest. However a lot of the local women are ashamed and do not allow us to make a video of them and we do respect their wishes. You will find our Videos on YouTube /egoven or YouTube /Gloria Judith.

       Due to the uniqueness of Our Ovon weft. We recommend you work with Better hair extension for you install you can also take your Ovon to any professional stylist of your choice and advice them to watch egoven ovon install video on our website or install

      With proper care and our recommended products, our Virgin Peruvian hair can last minimum of 10yrs and maximum of forever. This is because is a non processed straight from human 100% virgin hair, the only problem you may encounter is the Ovon weft getting weak due to several install. This may happen after 3years of constant installs, in this situation, you can ship you used Egoven virgin peruvian hair back to our company and we will re Ovon your hair and ship it back to you. This will cost you a little but saves you a lot.

Our Virgin Brazilian Hair:

      We also supply you the best non processed virgin Brazilian Hair direct from the source. Our Brazilian hair comes with a traditional machine weft. No shedding, no smell. With proper care and our recommended products, you can re-use our non processed Virgin Brazilian hair for about 2yrs.