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my name is Angela, i live in Texas, i came across Egoven team on youtube. It didnt take me any time to get interested in their product simply because they show the women actually cutting thier hair for them. I ordered 18, 20 and 22' All natural Peruvian hair. When i received it, i was amazed by the way the track looks and feel. It felt very strong and flat at the same time.

I called them to ask how i can advice my stylist to install Ovon weft on me, The Lady i spoke to was very nice, she requested for my stylist phone number which i gave her, she took her time to call my stylist and kind of taught her how to install it over the phone. It was very easy. just like you install a regular machine weft but you have to sew ovon weft from under the track not through it.

The hair felt very soft but with texture not like fake hair that feels soft like butter without an actuall real hair texture. when i touched Egovens all natural Peruvian hair, i could tell the difference immediately from all the hair i use to wear, both the ones with awful smell. Am going on my third month with this hair and it feels awesome. Absolute no shedding and definitely no tangling. Most of the time i go to sleep without wrapping my hair and it always falls back.


I will recommend Egoven all natural Peruvian hair to anyone. You need to try it. Am very pleased. Beautiful hair.

From Agatha AR,

I am in love with this hair. Thank God I made a decision to order from this company. As soon as I ordered, with in 30 minutes I received an email confirming and acknowledging my payment. My order was shipped the next day. Due to free shipping which I believe was a special promotion, my order came in 5days. The hair look's very vibrant, smells very nice.

My stylist even cut the weft while installing it and it still doesn't shed. This hair has been on my head for about 6 weeks and am finally giving a review on it. All I do at night is wet it a little, braid it in two or four strands depending on the look I want the next day. Sometimes I apply a little serum on it before I braid it.

I even colored it to like wine red and it still looks and feels beautiful.

Thank you Egoven, I will be ordering more in the future